IND Group is a professional services provider in the area of information systems, with a focus on web and client server application development and support. Built on the model of quality services and customer support, we believe in providing our clients with solutions that improve their bottom line by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We are a one-stop shop designed to meet the information technology needs of today's small and medium sized businesses.

We also provide a suite of customizable, affordable and scalable product solutions designed to meet the needs of small and medium size business to promote and sell their products and services on the internet. We offered our clients two license plans: Purchase License Plan and Lease License Plan (Automated Business Solutions Package). Our Automated Business Solutions Package provides clients the capability to utilize our products and services on the lease plan.

The Automated Business Solutions Package provides the following benefits and services:

  1. Affordable Internet Business Solutions: Our suite of online web-based solutions provide the capability to
    • market and promote your products and or services
    • maintain and provide an Information Directory Listing ie business directory
    • generate and view customizable Surveys and Responses
    • provide a Customer Order/Request Tracking System
    • provide KeyWord Search capability
    • provide a Catalog Management System.
  2. System Administration Capability: Our suite of product solutions provide you the capability to access and maintain your data and information provided by your site visitors.
  3. Integrates with other Payment Gateway Solutions: Our shopping cart model can be easily integrated with most credit card processing solutions. Provide us with the contact information and we will handle the rest.
  4. Customer Support: Our HelpDesk Team are available to help you address your customer's needs.
  5. Technical Support: Our technical support team are available to handle your internet technical related issues. We
  6. Online Reports Our suite of product solutions provides reports on registered members, product or service orders, survey responses, directory request ..etc.
Please contact us via email at or call our corporate office at (408) 217-8134 for more information on our Automated Business Solutions package.